Last modified Feb, 11, 2017
ScaleArc guide for SQL Server

An overview

Get started

  • Learn the benefits and features of ScaleArc.

Install and initialize ScaleArc

  • Evaluate your on-premise or cloud-based enterprise
  • Install or upgrade ScaleArc.
  • Initialize ScaleArc and configure its basic functions.
  • Determine user authentication requirements.

Configure ScaleArc

  • Create a ScaleArc endpoint cluster.
  • Configure a cluster for Kerberos authentication.
  • Configure ScaleArc's advanced features for load balancing, zero down time, Always On and automated failover, security, and performance.

Administer ScaleArc

  • Administer ScaleArc's many system, cluster, and log settings.

Monitor ScaleArc in real time

  • Live monitor ScaleArc for upgrading performance in real time. 

Understand ScaleArc Analytics

  • Use a powerful suite of Analytics tools to review, evaluate, and manage ScaleArc's performance and security at varying degrees of granularity.


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