Last modified Oct, 26, 2017
Installing ScaleArc

Consider these questions before you install ScaleArc:

Cloud-based installation

If cloud-based, you have the option to spin up an instance of ScaleArc on a number of marketplaces such as Azure, AWS, and Google Cloud. To upgrade an existing ScaleArc installation, click here.

On-premise installation 

  • If you have the necessary resource information and environment, you can install ScaleArc as a first-time user in less than 30 minutes. 

  • If you wish to upgrade to the latest version of ScaleArc from the current version you are running on your system, refer to Upgrade ScaleArc.


    If you have pre-installed ScaleArc for evaluation and wish to continue using it, you need to upgrade to a production license.  To purchase a production license or purchase and install additional ScaleArc products, contact ScaleArc Sales at or call +1-408-837-2250.

Install ScaleArc for the first time

Getting started with ScaleArc is fairly straight forward. The following gives you a short description of the steps in this section for installing ScaleArc:

  1. Review the prerequisites section to confirm you have the requisite hardware and software requirements to run ScaleArc. Complete the deployment and the configuration checklist guides as a preparation for rapid installation and configuration.
  2. Download ScaleArc for your environment.
  3. Follow the installation instructions for your specific platform.
  4. Configure operating parameters and apply your purchased license for access to ScaleArc.
  5. Configure the basic settings that define the network and other properties.
  6. Configure High Availability (HA) service by using two ScaleArc instances setup in an HA pair.
  7. Create a cluster to manage SQL traffic.

    Note that for first-time ScaleArc installations, we recommend that you perform a health check prior to transitioning to production traffic. Upon successful completion of the ScaleArc configuration, refer to ScaleArc's health check procedures just before you go live. If needed, contact ScaleArc's technical support at

Upgrade ScaleArc

There may be special circumstances or procedures necessary for a successful transition from an older version to the current version of ScaleArc. 

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