Last modified Feb, 23, 2017

This is the second column within the control panel of the ScaleArc dashboard and displays information on the ScaleArc components. Cluster status reports on the overall uptime of the cluster in weeks, days, hours, minutes and seconds. It provides start and stop management for the load balance service on the subsystem.  



Displays the time since the last restart of the cluster.

Stop button

The red Stop button shuts down the cluster.

  1. Click the Stop button to stop the cluster. While the cluster is in a non-operational state, all application traffic directed to the cluster IP address and port combination fail. Apps pointing to ScaleArc starts getting errors, as if the database itself were down.
  2. Click START to restart the cluster. The cluster returns to active mode without requiring any additional configuration.

Cluster Settings

Cluster Settings modify or enhance the configuration of the clusters. They include the screens for configuring cluster traffic, ScaleArc's caching, auto failover, and debugging features, as well as SSL.

Auto Failover

The Auto Failover button, when present, is a shortcut to the Auto Failover configuration tab within the Cluster Settings GUI panel containing the configuration parameters.



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