Last modified Feb, 24, 2017
Cluster Settings

Use this screen to configure or edit

Then, configure a ScaleArc cluster as follows:

Cluster setting

Edit ScaleArc Cluster Info 

The ScaleArc dashboard provides connection status and load balancing information in the first column.  Note that you had defined many items such as the cluster name and inbound and outbound IP addresses when you created a cluster. The Clusters screen under Cluster Settings allows you to edit these attributes.

Follow these steps to edit the ScaleArc Cluster Info:

  1. On the ScaleArc dashboard, locate the Status column and click Cluster Settings. 

  2. Click Clusters to open the tab.

  3. Use the following table to edit the values.

    Field Description Default/User input
    Cluster Name

    A name that uniquely identifies the cluster within the interface. 

    Enter a name.
    Instance Name

    The instance name ScaleArc will use for this cluster. The instance name must be 
    unique within a ScaleArc server. 

    Enter a unique name.
    Cluster Analytics

    Determines if analytics are running for this specific cluster. 

    Turn ON/OFF.
    Inbound IP

    Includes LAN Interface, IP Address, and Port settings.


    Specifies the TCP port which you'd like to use to connect to the cluster. 

    Enter a port number.
    Outbound IP Includes LAN Interface, IP Address, and Port settings.


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